What is the Hinde Society?

For you who have included Christ Episcopal Church in your wills or estate plans, we have formed the Hinde Society to honor you. Legacy stewardship is key to funding future mission and ministries in our church. As you make or update your end-of-life plans, including memorial services, wills, and health care directives, we urge you to also consider remembering your parish in your will or other estate plans. 

What's the difference? To give or not to give?

This tool may help in your decision-making as you consider a legacy gift.


How do I join the Hinde Society? 

When you give a deferred gift to Christ Episcopal Church, you automatically become a member of the Hinde Society. In appreciation of your generosity, we hold an annual gather of Hinde Society members to thank everyone who supports the future ministry of the church with a deferred gift. Hinde Society members will also be listed on our website and in the annual meeting report. Click here for an enrollment form or contact us for more information.


What is a deferred gift?

 Deferred gifts include:

  • Naming Christ Episcopal Church in you will or living trust
  • Helping the church through life insurance
  • Providing a gift to the church that pays you income ( such as a Pooled Income Fund, Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust)
  • Making the church a beneficiary of an IRA, 401K or other retirement plan
  • Leaving real estate or other valuable property to the church


Hinde Soceity Ministries:

Hinde Society donations are directed by the donor to:

  • Unrestricted Funds--Income and principal are available for unrestricted use as determined by the Vestry
  • Restricted Funds--Income and principal are available for donor designated purposes
  • Endowment Funds--Capital is preserved; income is available for distribution by the Vestry or as directed by the donor if over $25,000
  • Donations can go to an Individual Endowment Fund in donor's name or donation can go to the Christ Episcopal Church
  • Endowment Fund.


Who manages the Hinde Society Funds?

The Hinde Society funds are managed by the Parish Investment Board. The Board consists of five members appointed by the Vestry for three-year overlapping terms. The funds will be managed in accordance with all state and federal legal requirements.