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Alleluia! The Lord is risen!!! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

We celebrated Easter Day on Sunday, April 21 with glorious music and a yummy brunch, baptism and an egg hunt which enabled the children to donate a dollar for every egg they found. They also received some candy to sweeten the deal! All this and more and we are not finished yet. Because even as the Easter Peeps are marked half price--- we’ve just begun. The season of Eastertide continues for fifty days culminating in the Day of Pentecost- another grand day of celebration. Both the 8 and 10 AM Sunday services reflect the joy of this Easter season. The Paschal Candle burns brightly inviting each one of us to share the Light of God’s Love manifested in the Resurrection of Jesus. We live as Easter people- we live with hope despite all the evidence to the contrary. We live and walk in love because God does indeed continue to surprise us with the unfathomable depths of His Love.

We hope you will join us this Eastertide and share an ALLELUIA of two!

Blessings upon blessings,



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