March 6, 2018 We'll Dunk the Mayor... for a Good Cause!

Each year during Lent Christ Church raises funds to support organizations that benefit those living in poverty. This year we are partnering with St. Mark's Episcopal Church in City Heights to assist with their Showers of Blessings program. St. Mark's is a small parish that channels all of their efforts into outreach.

Showers of Blessings is a mobile shower unit, owned by the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. St. Mark's hosts the shower unit twice a month to serve their homeless community. On shower days hairstylists are on hand to offer haircuts and shaves, guests are offered clean clothes and hygiene kits, and Christ Church provides breakfast. This program has dramatically reduced illness and disease among the population that it serves, and that says nothing of the simple human dignity afforded by being clean.

Christ Church set an original goal of $4000 to cover the cost of the program for an entire year. As an incentive, our parish priest, The Reverend Anne Bridgers, volunteered to go in a dunk tank if that total was reached by Palm Sunday, March 25. Unbelievably, the goal was reached in less than three weeks. So now, Christ Church is dreaming about doubling their effort and raise $8,000, to enable St. Mark's to fund the program for longer or offer it on additional days. Christ Church reached out to Mayor Richard Bailey to see if he was willing to be dunked if the new goal was reached and without hesitation he agreed. So we invite the community to contribute to this worthy cause, help make an incredible difference in the lives of our San Diego neighbors in need, and witness the 51st Mayor of Coronado be dunked on the Christ Church campus on Palm Sunday.

 If you would like to help support this incredible ministry, and see Mayor Bailey dunked, you can donate through the link at the bottom of this article, or drop your contribution off at the parish office at 1114 Ninth Street. 

See Mayor Bailey get DUNKED