Jan. 31, 2018 T-Coil Technology is Coming to Christ Church

Christ Church is updating its technology to assist the hearing impaired.  Monday, February 5, a looping system will be installed in the nave and the chancel (the main church building) and will be available for Sunday services the following Sunday.

What is a looping system? This from our provider Hearing Now USA , "A hearing loop is a system that enables an audio signal to be wirelessly transmitted directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant, minimizing the effects of background noise and room acoustics. It enables people with hearing loss to hear more clearly in noisy situations where sound clarity can be lacking. Even the most sophisticated hearing aid is limited to the sounds it hears without a t coil."

About 2/3 of hearing aids have T-coils. Talk to your hearing provider to determine whether your aid has a T-coil and who to use it with a room loop. The Property Committee has researched solutions to this problem and is confident that all will be pleased with the upgrade. More information will be available once the system installation is complete.