Sept. 13, 2017 The Light of the World

“You are the light of the world,” Jesus says to us. And we may reply, “Who, me?” God’s good news so often takes us by surprise. We can hardly believe our ears because we keep expecting God to say something like: “You should be the light of the world” or “You must become the light of the world.”

Yet Jesus says straight out: “YOU ARE LIGHT.” That’s the surprising Good News! We are light because the Creator of the universe says so. It’s not up to us to decide whether we are or not. It’s not even up to us to decide whether we like it or not. Jesus tells us and we are.

Be light. It is essential to life. Light warms, cheers, nourishes, sustains. Light welcomes weary travelers. Light guides the way- our way.

God needs us to be light for one another. God needs our light even in small, seemingly inconsequential amounts because even small quantities make a difference. Remember what it’s like after a big storm has blown through at night? No electricity, the darkness is so close, so deep it swallows up everything around you. It’s scary to stay put and risky to move. And all the while the darkness deepens. Then, a slight click of the flashlight switch or the sulfur smell of a match and a tiny bit of light pierces the darkness. You realize you’ve never fully appreciated how much light one penlight or one stubby candle can throw off. Or just how much, just one, just one of God’s people can reflect the light of Christ.

YOU ARE LIGHT. WE ARE LIGHT at CHRIST CHURCH. May we shine brightly as we bridge love and service here on Coronado and beyond!