Dec. 8, 2020 Message from Mother Regan

Dear Christ Church Family,

 I want to thank each of you for your quick pivot on Sunday when we needed to pull our in-person service.

 When the Bishop’s email to the clergy asking us to suspend in-person events arrived Friday night, I was hopeful that it did not mean we needed to pause our Eucharist immediately. But by Saturday morning, after a great deal of conversation with God, the staff, and Vestry members, it was clear that holding in-person services on Sunday might lead to a very large quarantine where anyone in attendance to test positive anytime this week or next.

 Again, while I have real confidence in the safety of our virus mitigation practices, with numbers rising so dramatically, the likelihood of someone testing positive later and triggering a large quarantine has increased dramatically. And this is only the practical concern of bringing people together.

 The theological and moral consideration of asking people to leave their homes to gather in any way as case numbers and hospitalizations surge and the healthcare industry stretches to the breaking point is also important. As a dear friend of mine always quips: “If you think your salvation is not tied to your neighbor’s, you are sorely mistaken.”

 As Christians, we must choose to do what is right for the whole of God’s children. We must choose to do what is right even if others are not, and even if it is not what we want to do. And so, for love of neighbor, we sacrifice in-person worship right now and find other ways for our Christ Church family to come together, to deepen our spirituality, and to serve others. When we cannot come to the church, it is time to BE the church!

 To this end, it is more important now than ever to be vocal about how the church can help and serve you! We are here to drop off bulletins, to bring groceries and games, and to have sidewalk pastoral visits. Please do let us know how we can help--we would love to know how you are doing. When we cannot come to the church, help us to bring the church to you!

 And please do not be shy about sending me an email or setting up a phone date with me. I would love to learn your history and to hear about what God is up to in our life these days. In fact, it would be of great help to me as the brand new rector; it is hard to get to know people in a new place in the middle of a pandemic!

 Perhaps, in the end, this turn of events—this turn toward home—is our opportunity to slow down a bit this Advent season and to turn to the most important things: God and each other. I wonder what that might mean for you in your church life, in your family life, in your relationship with God? Drop me a line and let me know!

 Advent Blessings continue—

Mtr Regan+