July 23, 2020 Meet Matt Rich - A Member of the Christ Church Call Committee

Peace be with you all.  I am honored to be co-chair of your Call Committee, and especially honored to work with the amazing people on the committee to call our new leader.

Preachers’ kids are always trouble.  I was born in Arlington, VA, but grew up in the heart of it all: Ohio.  After high school I moved around a bit, chalked up a couple random years of college, and enlisted in the U.S.M.C. Infantry.  After my (honorable) discharge in 2000, I married my wonderful wife Tracy, finished off my B.S., and began my career as a consultant.  I currently serve clients throughout the West by providin the science, engineering, and strategy they need to comply with the Clean Water Act.  Tracy and I are graced by two super fantastic daughters: Cassidy and Chloe, who are active in Christ Church's Formation program.

I hope to bring my love for the Anglican tradition to the Call Committee’s discernment.  My father is a retired Episcopal priest, so in my youth I was the default Acolyte for every wedding, funeral, and 8:00AM service at our church.  This blessed me with a profound respect for the Book of Common Prayer and the Anglican tradition.  Combined with Reason and Scripture, they continue to provide the answers. 

Your Call Committee has been nearly overwhelmed by the positive response to Christ Church’s need for a new Rector.  But your representatives have responded: we have had essentially 100% attendance at every one of the countless meetings and interviews since last November.  Our goal of installing a new Rector in time for Advent of this year remains, but please bear with us if we experience delays resulting from the foul disease that has lately chained of our freedoms of movement and assembly.

“When I tried to understand these things, it was too hard for me; Until I entered the sanctuary of God” (Psalms 73:16-17a).

 -Matt Rich