June 7, 2018 Life is Short, Eat the Pie!

What could be better than a delicious slice of homemade pie?? The knowledge that your purchase of said pie is helping kids served by RefugeeNet head to summer camp at Camp Stevens with all the supplies they need—a bathing suit and towel, sunscreen, a flashlight, toiletries, new socks and underwear, a hat, the works!

Our annual Christ Church Pie Social will be held on Father’s Day, June 17! After both services, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a slice of pie for $5 or a whole pie for $30! We’ll have “to go” packaging at the ready if you want to save your slice for after lunch or bring your whole pie to Concert in the Park later that evening.

$100 buys each child everything he/she needs for a fun week at camp. These children have not had an easy start in life. They’re in a new country with a different language and different customs. They are excited to head to summer camp—many for the first time in their lives.

In addition to pie eaters, we also need pie bakers! If you’d like to make a homemade pie (it’s ok to cheat on the crust!) or two or three, please bring your offerings to church on June 17. All flavors and types are welcome! In the past we’ve had pecan, pumpkin, strawberry, key lime, cherry, peanut butter, berry, lemon meringue, chocolate, apple . . . we’ve had lattice top, crumb top, two crust . . . we’ve had cream pies and fruit pies and a la mode pies . . . All baked and eaten with love for a very good cause.

 See you there!


Contact Sarah Shealy Stump, Christ Church Service Ministry Team, at sarah.a.shealy@gmail.com or 619-200-6408