April 13, 2021 Creation Care at Christ Church

Christ Church is in the Creation Care business. We love and care for our families, neighbors, friends, strangers, and our Earth. Now it is time to celebrate Earth Day with our nation and the world because we all have the same home, Earth. God created us and gave us Earth to be our home with the understanding that we would take care of the Earth and all that live on it. God gave us rainbows to remind us. Thank you, God!

We love the Earth, but we don’t have to actually kiss the ground to honor Earth Day. However, we can watch a film called Kiss the Ground. An organization called Interfaith Power and Light is offering the film free of charge between now and April 26. You can access it through this link: Kiss the Ground Movie. After you register, you will be sent a link to watch the 84 minute film. You will also receive information about a webinar on April 21, 11am PT hosted by Josh Tickell, the Filmmaker, Director and Veronica Kyle of Faith in Place.

On Thursday, April 22, our wonderful Coronado Library is having an “Earth Day Potting Station” 10 to 4. Check it out! Also, on the walkways around the Library, the High School Art teacher and her students are creating an Earth and Ocean “Chalk Walk” 9 to 3. If you are able, plan to take a break from school or work and take a walk or a short drive to the Library.

Thursday April 22 to Sunday, April 25 take a walk to participate in a Bay to Beach cleanup of our own “island” home. On Coronado sidewalks, streets, parks and beach we do find litter sometimes. Let’s go for a walk with our masks and a bag or bucket to pick up and clean up the litter. Don’t forget a glove or a plastic bag to cover your hands and a friend and/or family to walk with you. Please keep your group to no more than 6 people.

Written by: Karen Ketts, member Christ Church Peace and Justice Committee