May 21, 2020 Christ Church Day School Scholarship Fund

Dear Christ Church Parishioner, 

For over 60 years, our parish community has shared a strong commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities at Christ Church Day School (CCDS). This endearing bond was evidenced through our recent Call Committee survey as we search for our next inspirational parish leader.  More than 90% of survey respondents believe the school is an important mission of Christ Church. It is our primary community outreach ministry.

In these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, families are experiencing unforeseen challenges which may continue in the months ahead.  We are asking for your support to ensure the children of 20 families have the opportunity to develop their full potential in the nurturing environment of CCDS for the 2020-21 school year. A parent of a current scholarship recipient explains the impact: 

‘My heart overflows with gratitude for the blessing that it is for my daughter to attend school at CCDS. We are both thriving as a part of this close-knit school family where everyone cares about each other. Given my current financial circumstances, specifically as a single mother, paying full tuition would not be an option. The financial aid we receive is more than I would have dreamed possible and makes our attendance an option. I am grateful beyond measure for this opportunity for my daughter to receive her primary education in an environment that is so special, and I am grateful to the amazing, generous benefactors who make this possible for us.’ -CCDS Parent 

There are many uncertainties in planning for the next school year. Knowing we have the financial resources to support these families will provide them with peace of mind as well as for the members of the CCDS Board of Trustees and Vestry. Collectively, we work together to ensure our parish and school operations remain financially sustainable and transparent.  

Nearly half of our requests are from active duty military families and supporting documentation is required from each family to verify financial need. Each family contributes towards the tuition fee of $11,000 per child, based on the individual family’s ability to pay. With the parent contribution for each scholarship recipient, we are asking for support of $7,500 per child requesting financial aid.  

So important is this effort that the members of the Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church and the members of the Christ Church Day School Board have each pledged to set the example by personally making a donation in support of this financial aid drive.

Will YOU will make a difference in the life of a child?  The links below will allow you to contribute to the financial aide fund at Christ Church Day School.

Donate via my Realm Account                 Donate via PayPal                

If you prefer to mail a check, please mail them to: Christ Church Coronado, 1114 9th Street, Coronado, CA 92118 and denote CCDS in the memo line.


Paul Laedlein                              Nancy Funk                                Nick Sylvester
Senior Warden                            Head of School                          President, Board of Trustees
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