July 31, 2019 A Heartfelt Goodbye

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that each time the vestry gathers for their monthly meeting an intentional time to share thank yous and appreciations is always at the top of the agenda. Thankfulness begets thankfulness as does generosity of the heart. I will not be at the next meeting of your hard-working vestry so Dixon and I frontload our gratefulness for the amazing send- off we received on Sunday morning.  The morning’s worship saturated with beautiful, glorious music was the prelude to a sumptuous brunch--thank you Chef Tim Nelson! Hundreds of photos dancing in the breeze at each table offered snapshots of the amazing five years we have shared with you all. The gift certificate to the Biltmore in Asheville assures good times when you come to visit us in beautiful Western North Carolina. We are also profoundly thankful for the generosity you’ve shared with the children of Vida Joven. These gifts are tangible reminders that we do “respect the dignity and worth of every human being” as we claim at every baptism and that in the family of God, they too are our children and grandchildren.

May God continue to bless you all in the coming days. You remain in our prayers with great thankfulness and a heartfelt invitation to visit- ALL Y’ALL!