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Why Hospitality Beats Entertaining

Entertaining is always thinking about the next course.

Hospitality burns the rolls because it was listening to a story.

Entertaining obsesses over what went wrong.

Hospitality savors what was shared.

Entertaining, exhausted, says, "It was nothing, really!"

Hospitality thinks it was nothin. Really.

Entertaining invites those whom it will enjoy.

Hospitality takes all comers.

Entertaining seeks to impress.

Hospitality seeks to bless.

                                                                     Jen Wilkins

We are called to imitate our infinitely hospitable God. Of course this means a lot more than making sure the tablecloth is pressed or the silverware is polished. Although that is indeed important, for as my mother used to remind me whenever we expected company for supper, "Guests give us the gift of offering our very best."

One of my favorite hymns says it best: Come Risen Lord and deign to be our guest, nay let us be thy guests; the feast is thine.

I invite you to join us at Christ Church - around the Holy Table of God and in all the ways God invites us to love and serve the world... offering our very best!

                                                                                   Blessings upon blessings! - Anne+                              


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