To Join GOD at Work in the World

Dear Christ Church Parishioners,

It’s that time of year again – our annual season of stewardship begins this month culminating with our festive Ingathering Sunday, November 18. Once again our stewardship theme offers this parish family a tangible way to partner with Almighty God in all the ways God invites us to do so. So this year, we focus upon God’s Invitation to each one of us, regardless of age, background, status as seasoned or new member, service time preference, decaf or high test at coffee hour.


The gospels tell us Jesus was invited to dinners and banquets with a wide assortment of people: farmers, fishermen, Pharisees, friends, tax collectors, the well-heeled, and the down and out. Yet they all sat down together. As beneficiaries of all those meals so long ago, God invites us to extend the same hospitality to others. The poet Jen Wilkins captures this sense of the radical hospitality of God in her poem, “Why Hospitality Beats Entertaining.”

Entertaining is always thinking about the next course.

Hospitality burns the rolls because it was listening to a story.

Entertaining obsesses over what went wrong.

Hospitality savors what was shared.

Entertaining, exhausted, says, “It was nothing, really!”

Hospitality thinks it was nothing. Really.

Entertaining invites those whom it will enjoy.

Hospitality takes all comers.

Entertaining seeks to impress.

Hospitality seeks to bless.

We are called. We are invited to imitate our infinitely hospitable God using the time, talent and treasure given to each one of us. I invite you to ponder how the hospitality of God, as you have received it through the mission and ministry of Christ Church, enables you to join God at work in the world. And, I invite you to RSVP to the enclosed invitation with prayer and thanksgiving.


The Reverend Anne Bridgers

Rector, Christ Episcopal Church

My 2019 Pledge