March 6, 2019 Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser

You are invited to an evening of fun, laughter, and delicious food for a good cause! Please join us in the Christ Church courtyard from 5-8 pm on April 6th!
This Summer, the youth of our diocese will be traveling to the diocese of Western Mexico. They have been invited by Bishop Gomez Osnaya to come as his guest! They will have the opportunity to assist the Pame people in the mountains outside of San Luis and to run a children's program in Guadalajara. We are all very excited for this incredible opportunity!

The total expense of this trip is $600 per person. This barbecue, hosted by Christ Church, will help ensure that ALL of the youth eligible to be part of the delegation are able to, regardless of financial means. 

The evening's activities include a menu of Tim's favorite barbecue selections from both north and south of the border, photo booths, dancing, and a silent auction.  Won't you be part of the fun?

Follow the link below for more information or to get your tickets!