Feb. 22, 2022 The Reverend Deacon Tom Morelli Retires

Dear Friends in Christ,

Last week Bishop Susan called to inform me that Deacon Tom has initiated retirement. 

Since his ordination to the diaconate in February 2015, Deacon Tom has been a source of consolation and hope for many at Christ Church and beyond. Faithfully extending his ordained ministry several years past the Church's retirement age, Deacon Tom has offered both the Church and the world his prayers, love, and voice for justice in a myriad of ways. Deacon Tom's testimony to and confidence in God's goodness is an inspiration to all who know him.

The role of a deacon is to bring the Church to the world and to bring the world to the Church. Ecclesiastically, deacons report directly to the Bishop, and the Bishop deploys her deacons to reside at churches throughout the Diocese. Accordingly, Bishop Susan asked that the below letter be read at worship on Sunday, February 20th when this news was announced. To mark the occasion, Tom's service to Christ Church, and the transition of his departure, we also prayed the Book of Occasional Services prayers for “The Ending of a Pastoral Relationship and Leave-taking from a Congregation.”

Please join me now in one of those prayers:

O God, you have bound us together for a time as pastor and people to work for the advancement of your kingdom in this place: We give you humble and hearty thanks for the ministry which we have shared in these years now past. Amen.

Plans are forming for a retirement celebration committee to usher in Deacon Tom’s season of retirement. Please do let me know if you would like to serve on this committee.

Please contact the parish office for Deacon Tom's address if you would like to send a note of congratulations or appreciation. 

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Mtr. Regan+