June 10, 2020 The Plan to Resume In-Person Worship, an update - Paul Laedlein, Senior Warden

On Wednesday afternoon, in special session, the Vestry unanimously approved the Church Re-Open Plan developed by Bob Ketts and his team. The 16-page document is comprehensive and carefully aligned with all direction and guidance from the County and the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. It provides a definitive roadmap for returning to in-person worship at Christ Church which we are all very eager to resume.

At the same time we need to be prudent and careful. The health and safety of our Christ Church family is absolutely paramount.  Our phased approach will begin with outdoor worship in the courtyard. It will be a Morning Prayer service on Sunday. Individuals in the high risk category (over 65, underlying medical conditions, compromised immune systems, overweight, or with diabetes, kidney, or liver disease) are discouraged from attending in-person worship at this time but are not prohibited. It will be left to individual choice.

Online worship service will continue indefinitely. Face masks will be mandatory and social distancing (6 feet) will be maintained. Many will find the early stages of our re-opening of in-person worship uncomfortably restrictive but that is due to an abundance of caution out of love for one another. As we move forward and restrictions are relaxed, we will adapt and modify the plan and eventually return to the type of worship and fellowship that we all cherish. 

In the meantime, we all need to be patient. More details will be forthcoming.

God bless us all,