Jan. 6, 2022 Sacred Ground Series

Interested in a six-week small group Living Compass series?

Starting with a self-assessment quiz to see what section of your wellness compass presently needs love and attention, participants will commit to self-directed practices. Weekly discussions provide everyone the grace to unknot what is keeping us from Christ’s healing. The series is personal and poignant and will be a wonderful journey for all who choose to participate!

The six small-group sessions will begin late January, the day and time determined by the participants' collective schedule as it is important to commit to all six meeting times. If you are ready to shine with the Light of Christ this Epiphanytide, please RSVP to 
Mtr Regan by January 20th.

Living Compass

Seeking social justice? Start at home with Sacred Ground!

This film-based dialogue, 10-part series on Race & Faith is produced by The Episcopal Church. Dialogue Circles will meet every two weeks to discuss the films and readings. The Dialogue Circles will self-select a day and time that works for the group once the registration is closed. The discussions circles will meet at Christ Church.

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