Aug. 25, 2020 Meet John Funk - A Member of The Call Committee

High school Physics class.  Sophomore year – fall 1977.  That’s where I met my lab partner, best friend & future bride, Nancy.  We paid more attention to each other than our teacher Dr. Ira Calet.  That would be obvious years later during the next Sophomore year when Nancy was at Penn and I was in Annapolis and we were both taking physics – again.  Fortunately for me, Nancy’s class was a semester ahead of mine and she shared her notes – how’s that for a transfer of energy! 

So began a great adventure and love that took us around the world as a Navy family, raising four amazing, talented and caring children, and loving three separate tours of duty in San Diego.  Following the last tour as the Captain of USS Bonhomme Richard, we settled in Coronado and have enjoyed every day of post-Navy family life.

Christ Church has been an anchor for our family since 2007.  Nancy taught fourth grade at Christ Church Day School for nine years before becoming Head of School in 2017.  Our youngest son Will was a long time acolyte and participated in the 2011 Peru Youth Group trip.  From Sunday services to school events, to family baptisms, and my dad Jack steaming clothes at the Thrift Store, the people of Christ Church have become our Coronado family and we love being part of our church community.

As a member of the Call Committee, it’s been a privilege to expand my Christ Church community working with the other Call Committee members.  I am impressed with the diversity of talent and experiences within the Committee and the passion each individual has for Christ Church. 

I look forward to welcoming our new Rector into both our Christ Church and Funk families!