Aug. 12, 2020 Meet Craig Blasingame - A Member of the Call Committee



My wife Sue Steven and I have been members of Christ Church since 2003.  We have both been on the Vestry in past years and Sue is currently Treasurer on the CC Day School Board.  I served 6 years in the NOAA Commissioned Corp and Sue served 11 years in the US Navy.  I am definitely a card-carrying computer geek; guess that’s why the Call Committee has me managing our file system.

We are both retired.  Me from a career in technical sales for various computer companies including DEC and Compaq; Sue as a microbiologist, whom I love to quote during these COVID-19 times.

Sue and I owned a cruising sailboat for over 10 years and lived on it fulltime for 5 of those years.  We cruised to beautiful Mexico twice during that period and are lucky to still have friends that cruise there so we can visit. We still love to sail, albeit on a smaller scale, in our Harbor-20 racer.  We bicycle, both for daily exercise and on cross-country treks.  We have biked from San Diego to St. Augustine FL; from Vancouver to San Diego; up Rt66 from LA to Chicago and across western Canada.  Plus, the Erie Canal and parts of France.

We are favored with four grandchildren to love.  Our oldest, Ethan, lives with us in the Cays.  Craig’s daughter, Amy, lives in Coronado with her two kids, Claire and Andrew.  They attend Christ Church.  Our youngest grandchild, Adelynn, is three and lives with her mom and Craig’s son Jeff in Erie, Colorado.  Craig’s oldest daughter, Amber, and her husband live in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

Working on your Pastor Call Committee has been a rewarding experience for me.  It has been far more work for all of us than I would have expected when we began; very much like having a part-time job.  I tip my hat to my fellow committee members who still have full or part-time jobs.  I don’t know how they keep up the pace, perhaps it’s their youth!