Aug. 19, 2020 Meet Brian Dix - A Member of the Call Committee

There she was, Reverend Anne Bridgers at the front steps of Christ Church one Sunday morning saying in her southern drawl; “C’mon in Y’all. Welcome.” In that moment we knew we found a pot of gold.

 My spouse Paul Andrews and I were married in Washington DC at Christ Church Capitol Hill, commonly known for their young music director, John Philip Sousa. Following my retirement from the Marine Corps, Paul, a Registered Nurse and I packed five bags to travel the country as well as some of the south pacific before arriving in our new port of call, San Diego. Months later we bought a home in the historic South Park neighborhood when we attended our first service at Christ Church Coronado.

 As regular Eight O’Clockers, we enjoy working as ushers, readers, and whatever might be needed that morning. Additionally, Paul is a member of the Christ Church School Board and when not in committee meetings, he works full time for the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group and is also an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University. I work as an independent conductor & composer for symphony orchestras and bands and my mother Stella who has been living with us since 2018 truly enjoys Sunday’s live stream services.

 Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, a stronger online presence has been compulsory for businesses, parishes, and of course, our local volunteers. The Christ Church Coronado Calling Committee (the 5 C’s) adapted quickly to this format with tremendous results during our numerous Zoom meetings.

With the power of the “Zoom,” the 5 C’s generally maintains 100% attendance regardless of vacationing members. Our discussions are objective, well researched, and highly proficient, where each member has the opportunity to complete their thoughts thoroughly.

 The caliber of pastoral candidates has been well above expectations. The online interviews not only enhanced each of the applicant's professional and personal attributes but provided a positive window for object discussions. I firmly believe that the power of the Zoom has permeated a greater sense of openness within our small group where the future looks bright for Christ Church as we move to our next phase of interviews.

 Stella, Paul, and I look forward to being with our fellow parishioners in the near future. Until then, Zoom away!