Feb. 12, 2020 Kindness Matters at Christ Church Day School

During the last week of January, students from Christ Church Day School spent the week participating in The Great Kindness Challenge.

This annual event is sponsored by Kids for Peace, and focuses on making the world a kinder place... one act of kindness at a time!

This year, in addition to our kindness challenge sheets, students also collected Kind Coins for Mexico, helping to fund a school and kindness community center in Tijuana. 

This week has always been a highlight of the program year at Christ Church Day School and at Christ Church.

We are thrilled to share with you a few of the highlights from The Great Kindness Challenge 2020!

One of the favorite events each year is the chalking of the sidewalk with kind messages. These include famous quotes about kindness, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - Dalai Lama, as well as individual and heartfelt inspiration from the students. 

In this picture you see the CCDS 5th grade class, lead by Mrs. Caso covering the sidewalk with colorful and kind messages. 

Chalk was left by the side walk so that passers-by could also contribute to the project. It was wonderful to watch all week as people paused to read the kind messages that were written on the ground beneath their feet.

New this year, was a Caught You Being Kind  chain. Each class received an envelope with coloful strips of paper in it. They were challenged in chapel to watch throughout the week for instances of other people showing kindness. Whenever they saw kindness, they could write the act on a slip of paper and staple it to the chain. On the Tuesday following The Great Kindness challenge, we strung all of the chains together during chapel and streteched them from the baptismal font in the back of the church, all the way up the aisle to the altar!

We also revealed the total number of kindness acts completed... 2215 acts of kindness. We are so exceptionally proud of the KIND students at Christ Church Day School!