Nov. 22, 2020 In-person Worship Guidelines

In-Person Worship

  • Upon arrival, please plan on having your temperature taken and answering a few health screening questions.
  • Please sign in on the clipboard inside the gate.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer and pick up your bulletin.
  • Please keep six feet of distance between yourself and other attendees who are not in your family group.
  • Please arrive and take your seats and depart immediately following the service. 
  • At the peace, a simple waive to friends is the best choice.
  • If you have any questions, please ask the Host Team members.

Communion Addendum to Reopening Plan 11/22/2020

Celebrant duties

  • During the offertory, the celebrant (and deacon, if applicable), will go to the kitchen and thoroughly wash hands. 
  • The celebrant (and deacon, if applicable) will put on gloves.
  • Only the celebrant or deacon will set the table.
  • Only the celebrant will stand behind the altar during the great thanksgiving.
  • The celebrant will stand arms distance from the outstretched arms of the person receiving communion.
  • The communion wafer will be dropped into the person's hands without contact.
  • The person receiving communion, will return to their seat before consuming the wafer.

Host Team Duties - Congregation Guidelines

  • The chair setup will include an aisle for approaching the altar and leaving the altar. 
  • There will be two spots marked, six feet apart, in front of the altar for receiving communion. *there is no altar rail.
  • One member of the host team will explain the communion process before the offertory, while the Celebrant/Deacon are inside washing their hands.
  • At communion, one member of the host team will invite people to the altar in pairs. One person will be directed to each spot in front of the altar. The person will receive the wafer while wearing their mask, walk back to their seat, remove their mask to consume the wafer, and put their mask back on.
  • A second host will be stationed to direct people back to the aisle for leaving the altar.

Music Guidelines

  • There will not be congregational singing. The congregation will be asked to reflect on the music as an invitation to prayer.
  • Soloists will be placed at least 20 feet from the congregation.
  • There will not be a choir, but a pair of soloists, placed 12 feet apart from each other and 20 feet from the congregation, may be used. If soloists are from the same family, they may stand together.