July 15, 2020 Good News in Tough Times - Father Michael's Words to Live By

"Good News is like cold water to the thirsty."  (Proverbs 25:25)

Greetings!  Father Michael here from Christ Church Coronado with this week’s Words to Live By.  I trust that you are safe and doing well.

Quick question: “Have you experienced any good news” lately?”  It often feels that good news is elusive.  But the good news is ...that there is always good news

A few years ago, I was on a flight to Denver, Colorado to conduct a military funeral.    My exit row companion was a young woman in her late 30’s.  She had her face pressed against the window – obviously engrossed in deep thought. 

When she turned toward me, I could see the stream of tears rolling down her cheek and landing on her black Nike sweatshirt.  She could see that I was dressed as a priest and through her tears she said:  "Good morning, Father!  Do you have any good news for a broken spirit?" 

In the few moments before takeoff – she told me that she was going to Denver to attend the funeral of her sister who had been tragically killed. 

She expressed her heartache, her sense of guilt, her many failures, her estrangement from family, her deep spiritual void, and her fear that she might never again experience any good news.

Just before we touched down in Denver, my new friend asked if I would offer a prayer for her.  I was honored to pray for her.  To pray to the God who had always loved her, to the God who would be with her through the dark night of the soul; to the God who would bring her out of darkness into the light of His eternal presence.

Certainly, we have all been there at some point in life.  Longing for just a bit of good news to tide us over until the darkness disappears.  We have all experienced what the writer of Proverbs described:  Good news ...is like cold water to the thirsty.

Rabbi Hillel Silver says:  "Beyond all horizons there is God."  These are certainly wise and wonderful words to live by – for all seeking good news. 

May it be so in your life and mine – today and always.  God bless you.

PRAYER:  Lord, when all else fails - we have discovered that still - you are God.  We have learned that beyond "all horizons" – there is the Lord.  May your love for us continue to empower us and enable us to overcome all barriers.  Inspire us also to live each day to the fullest and as we journey through life - to inspire this hope in our service to others.  Amen.





Fr. Michael+