Sept. 18, 2018 Exploring the Way of Love - A Sunday Forum Series

Sunday Forums are back at 9:00 a.m. in Hinde Hall and we are pleased to be exploring The Way of Love.

The Way of Love was introduced by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry during the 79th General Convention held in Austin, TX this past July. Presiding Bishop Curry invited the whole church to take up The Way of Love, a “rule of life” focused on practices for Jesus-Centered Life. You can view the Presiding Bishop's video introduction here:

The Way of Love

The Forum series, which kicked off on Sunday, September 16th, will continue in October with three more sessions. You are invited to join Reverend Anne Bridgers for one or for all of them. The Sunday Forum takes place in Hinde Hall at 9:00 a.m. Below is a brief description of each forum. Mark your calendars, and join us in walking The Way of Love!

October 14- Thankfully, we’re on “The Way” again…as we continue our exploration of what it looks like to be the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.  The Episcopal Church’s centuries old tradition of spiritual practices not only guides our way but enlivens it too!  This forum will stimulate the old but ever new spiritual practice of gratitude. Our gratitude muscles will be strengthened with this forum designed to energize the foundational spiritual practice of gratitude.

October.21- Money, Money, Money- as a Spiritual Practiceit’s hard to calculate the importance of money in our lives- the amount of stress it gives us, the ignorance we sometimes feel about it, the untold good it has done in our own or other’s lives. Jesus talks about money a lot in the gospels so we will too as we continue our journey as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.

October 28- Praying with Beads A proven prayer practice which we will explore in this session of The Way of Love. We often fault contemporary life and technology for what Buddhists call “monkey mind”. Yet it is a primordial rather than generational response. It’s part of being human and a glorious part of being human. It’s what makes dreaming, inventing and creating possible but sometimes it disturbs our prayer life. This forum introduces the tie honored practice of praying with Anglican prayer Beads---- come give it a try!