Jan. 9, 2018 Christ Church is going solar!

The property committee, with the vestry’s approval, has contracted for the installation of solar power at Christ Church. Sullivan Solar Power will be the installer. We hope to conduct the installation the week of 19-23 February, which aligns with the day school’s winter break. The installation of the 25.5 KW system will be on the roof of the day school and the administration building. There will be no panels on the church roof.

We are entering into a lease with a third party who serves only non-profit organizations. The lease, which allows us to save 15% on the net purchase price, lasts 6 years, at which time Christ Church will own the system. The installed system will offset almost all of our annual electricity costs, depending on monthly generation, which is annually approximately $10,000. The solar system will feed all buildings on the north side of C Avenue, to include the church, day school, Hinde Hall, and the administrative building.

In addition to saving money, we will be doing our part to help our earthly home be a bit greener.  Please see John Sturges, Property Committee Chairman, or Glover Ferguson, if you have any questions.