Aug. 25, 2020 A Message from the Senior Warden - Paul Laedlein

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ;

Now that in-person worship and the forums, dinners, and other cherished fellowship events have paused during the ongoing health crisis it may seem as though our shared life at Christ Church has gone into hibernation. But, in fact, many of our familiar programs and ministries have simply adapted to carry on. Sunday Services, Tuesday Healing Services, Book Study Groups, Men’s Bible Study, Youth Ministry Groups, and more, are alive and well online. The Thrift Shop has begun a series of outdoor Saturday sales and the Day School will soon begin a new school year following prudent health safety guidelines. And in the background, the work of administering the Church continues; the Vestry, the School Board, the various supporting ministry committees all meet via video conference to maintain the viability of Christ Church. Keep up to date with the eCommunicator and the website. There are many opportunities to join in and stay connected with your church family.

For example, we are currently seeking two members willing to serve as Alternate Delegates representing Christ Church at the upcoming Episcopal Diocese of San Diego (EDSD) Convention in early November. The annual convention is the business meeting of the diocese and is the primary legislative body of EDSD. It is a great opportunity to learn more about our larger church family of 40+ diverse parishes and to unite, worship, and learn together with members of their congregations facing the same challenges that we are. Delegates receive training prior to the convention.

Additionally, at the end of 2020, we will need to replace three outgoing members of the Parish Investment Board (PIB). The PIB monitors and oversees our Christ Church investment of over $1M in various portfolios and recommends prudent adjustments as required. If you have an interest in financial affairs and/or would like to have a voice in how our church family invests our core funds, please consider joining the PIB. If you feel called to be considered for either of these opportunities to serve Christ Church, please contact me. God bless you and stay well.

 Yours in Christ, Paul

Senior Warden

Christ Church Coronado