April 26, 2018 A Margarita Makes a World of Difference!

Who thought a margarita could make such a difference?!

But for Karla, that margarita you’re about to drink on May 5th could be a lifesaver.

You see, Karla didn’t win the birth lottery.  Both of her biological parents are drug addicts.  The parents used to viciously beat Karla and her three little siblings. 

One day, Karla’s parents left, and they never came back.  Karla was just seven years old at the time.

Karla started digging through trash on the street each day, looking to feed her siblings and herself.  A concerned neighbor finally called social services.  And that’s how Karla and her siblings ended up at the Vida Joven orphanage in Tijuana.

For 22 years, Vida Joven has been a safe haven for desperate children like Karla.  At Vida Joven, Karla gets the love, protection, and education she needs. 

Christ Church, you are HEROES for the Vida Joven kids.  Their biological families have betrayed them.  But YOU have stepped up to the plate.  You say, “Here we are kids!  And we’re not going away.”

You’re making sure these kids are cherished.  You’re giving them a safe home.  You’re sending them to school.  You’re giving them the opportunity to create better lives for themselves.


¡Bravo, Christ Church!  ¡Olé!

When you come to the “Viva Vida Joven” event on Cinco de Mayo (that’s May 5th for all the gringos), you’ll have the opportunity to meet first-hand a young woman who grew up at Vida Joven!  You’ll get to hear from Executive Director, Beth Beall, about the difference you’re making for these kids.  And you’ll get to enjoy a margarita that is making a world of difference.

So come on!  Join the party.  Bring a friend.  ¡Viva Vida Joven!  And Viva Christ Church!

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