June 11, 2018 A Little History Goes a Long Way

Charles T. Hinde and his wife, Eliza Halliday Hinde, arrived in Coronado in 1888. He received the title “Captain” while serving as a captain of a riverboat which traveled the Mississippi River between St. Paul and St. Louis. The title remained even after he sold his interests in river navigation and turned his attention to railroads. His business acumen was recognized by Elisha Babcock, a partner in the newly developing Coronado Beach project. Babcock had founded the Hotel del Coronado and invited Hinde to help manage his business interests especially the wharf on the San Diego waterfront. Although he was the son of circuit riding Methodist minister, Hinde and his wife became the very first major benefactors of the nascent Christ Church. They chose to remember their only daughter, Camilla, who had died at age thirteen before their move to Coronado, by contributing to the establishment and ongoing life of the island’s only Episcopal congregation.

The legacy of the Hinde’s generosity continues to this day. The Hinde Society of Christ Church was established by the vestry to provide assistance for parishioners who choose to continue our long history of legacy giving.