June 25, 2018 A Little History Goes a Long Way (part 2)

From the very beginning of Christ Church, men and women have chosen to give to the mission and ministry of this parish even after they themselves are worshipping in heaven instead of the corner of C and Ninth Street. It all began with Captain and Mrs. Charles T. Hinde who gave generously so that this part of God’s Kingdom would flourish. Many have followed their lead and have inspired others to do so through the vestry’s establishment of the Hinde Society.

Legacy giving has many forms but in the case of Mrs. Florence H. Fischer, her bequest to the church as a Hinde Society member had no restrictions. Once her estate had settled and the amount designated for Christ Church was apportioned, the vestry was able to disburse $25,000 of her unrestricted gift through our Pay It Forward program. This initiative enables the vestry, on behalf of the people of Christ Church, to enhance life giving ministries beyond our doors.

And so at the April vestry meeting, the vestry unanimously decided to contribute $25,000, the amount still needed after successful fundraising and grant writing, to the St. Luke’s Northpark commercial kitchen project.  The renovated kitchen space will serve as a resource for programs serving the community like their garden project and CHOP which offers training in culinary arts to refugee women and their families as they acclimate to a new life in San Diego. We honor Mrs. Fischer’s legacy in a way that she, as one who appreciated good food and care for the other, would cherish.